Who we are...

Dan Houcher Financial Ltd. is a boutique office and is registered as a Life and Health Insurance Agent as well as an Exempt Market Representative located in the town of Stony Plain, Alberta. We believe that when we work with you it is important to get to know you, our client, and for you to get to know your financial options so that together we can build strategies to meet your goals and you can feel good about the steps that you are taking.

Something that sets us apart from many investment firms is that we are able to offer exempt market securities to provide clients with investments options outside of the stock market. Whether you are looking for long term growth, cash-flow, tax efficient tools, health benefits or insurance, meeting together is the first step. Together with you, the individual, family, or corporation we will determine the suitability of your options and how we can best work together.

Dan Houcher represents investment opportunities through WealthTerra Capital Management Inc, an Exempt Market Dealer.