Exempt Market

What Is It?

Exempt Market is defined as a market where private companies sell their securities under various exemptions from the prospectus and registration requirements.  In Alberta an offering memorandum exemption is utilized.

Who are Exempt Market Dealers?

Companies who are in the business of trading “prospectus-exempt” securities are called Exempt Market Dealers.  As of September 28, 2010 anyone in the business of trading securities in the exempt market must be registered with their local securities commission in order to sell investments; in Alberta this is the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC).  An Exempt Market Representative can only represent one dealer at a time.  The Exempt market dealer for Dan Houcher Financial Ltd. is WealthTerra Capital Management Inc.

Who Are Dealing Representatives?

bigstock-Coffee-11858Dealing Representatives are individuals that sell Exempt Market investments. They are required to be registered under the Provincial Securities Commission that their clients live in and to meet certain education requirements. They are also responsible for determining the suitability of a particular product for a client and for using Exempt Market products appropriately within a client’s portfolio.  Dan Houcher Financial Ltd. is registered as Daniel Houcher on the Securities Commission websites in Alberta and British Columbia.

Who are our Clients