Your Portfolio

bigstock-handshake-13868735Depending on your situation and the project you choose, Exempt Market investment opportunities include structures that can provide:

  • Long term Growth
  • Income/Cash Flow – (monthly, quarterly, and annually)
  • Tax Efficient Strategies

Each Exempt Market company and product that we represent undergoes a due diligence process.

Dan Houcher Financial Ltd. represents a wide range of product types which can benefit the client through:

Core (growth) focused investments

  • Eligible for registered funds (RRSP, TFSA, LIRA, LIF, RIF, RESP, etc.), non-registered funds (cash)
  • Long term
  • Individuals or corporations

Cash flow generating products

  • Monthly, quarterly, or yearly
  • Registered and non-registered funds
  • Individuals and corporations

Tax efficiency

  • Flow through shares
  • Individual and corporations


In these categories, our office is able to represent various companies and their products through WealthTerra and other business relationships that have been formed over the years.  Investment products can include things like land, real estate, energy, exploration.  These categories will change as opportunities present themselves.