Solar Income Fund

NEW Cashflow Project – Solar Income Fund username: webinar password: solar2012 OBJECTIVE & STRATEGY Solar Income Fund Inc. (“SIF”) is a privately held, Canadian based company focused on the development and management of solar energy power generation installations. SIF seeks to take advantage of long term, government backed incentives in the form of guaranteed .. read more

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Post Projects Update

At minimum once every year you should be receiving a detailed report on your specific project. If this information is not coming to you, please make your representative aware as soon as possible! Also in your possession you should have an organized investment binder with copies of all your paperwork and marketing material for your .. read more

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SEMS Newsflash

Important message: As you know, at Solid Exempt Market Solutions Inc. we have been diligently working over the last several years to educate and inform as many people as possible to help each one prepare for what we are currently facing today within the global economy.  Many of the things predicted are happening right now.  .. read more

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Rare Investment News Update

Dear Rare Investment Investors, As I pen this quick note to our friends, clients, and investors this morning, we at Rare Investment are quickly reminded of the deep changes that have taken place in the diamond industry over the past few short years. We reflect on the impact the changes have had on transforming the .. read more

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