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Scheduled meetings

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Exempt Market

Learn more about Exempt Markets.


In order to ensure that the investment products that we have available are suitable for you and your situation, we are required to gather information from you to determine your suitability for exempt market investments. This is a requirement of the Securities Commission as well it helps to provide us with a financial picture of where you are at today.  In Alberta an eligible or non-eligible investor can invest as long as certain guidelines are adhered to.

Due Diligence

Most people understand that with any investment opportunity there is the element of risk.  Our Exempt Market Dealer, as well as our office performs due diligence, either in house, or with a third party analysis company when available,  with the companies and their products prior to them being available  to our clients.  We encourage potential investors to perform their own due diligence as well.  This can start with something as simple as an internet search, but can sometimes also include a visit to the investment property.

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are a rare hard asset.  They are the highest concentration of wealth on the planet.  The history of other colored diamonds such as pinks, and greens have allowed for us to see the potential for champagne or brown colored diamonds to increase in value.

Silver and Gold

In the last few years we have watched both silver and gold prices fluctuate.  We see precious metals as an investment but more so as an insurance against inflation.

Tax Efficient Strategies

Some investment structures can assist with tax efficiency.  These investments may utilize flow through shares which can create tax efficiency for some individuals or corporations.

Living Benefits

Disability and critical illness insurance

Health Benefits

Can create tax deductions/efficiency for corporations

Registered Funds

Can include RRSP, LIRA, TFSA, RIF, LIF, RESP, RDSP, etc.

Offering Memorandum

A document that describes the business of an issuer prepared by the company itself. This is a legal document about the investment that must contain specific information, including a detailed explanation of the company’s business, its audited financial statements, the risks of the investment, and how the company plans to use the money it raises from investors. An offering memorandum helps potential buyers make an investment decision on exempt-market securities.  Offering memorandums are for private companies, while prospectuses are for publicly-traded issuers.


A formal document required by law when a company wants to sell shares to the public.

Eligible Investor

Can include a number of different definitions but the most common are defined as:

An individual or company whose (meets one of the following):

  • Net assets, alone or with a spouse, in the case of an individual, exceed $400,000,
  • Net income before taxes exceeded $75,000 in each of the two most recent calendar years and who reasonably expects to exceed that income level in the current year,
  • Net income before taxes, alone or with a spouse, in the case of an individual, exceeded $125,000 in each of the two most recent years and who reasonably expects to exceed that income level in the current calendar year.

If an individual is considered non-eligible, a maximum of $10,000/project limit is applied.