Frequently Asked Questions

I have some current RRSP’s that I am not happy with, how much work is it going to be for me to switch them over to an exempt market investment?

  • The process is fairly simple: we need one of your most recent RRSP statements and we will have you sign a few forms to have your funds move out of your current institution and into a self-directed RRSP account that you can participate in exempt market products.


What tax implications will be triggered by transferring existing RRSP funds to a self-directed RRSP account?

  • There are no immediate tax implications to transfer funds between RRSP accounts.  Taxes are calculated when funds are moved out of the RRSP umbrella.


Why invest in the Exempt Market?

  • The Exempt Market has provided the opportunity to invest in tangible assets previously reserved for institutional investors and high net worth individuals.  Through the products on our shelf there are opportunities to invest starting with relatively small lump sums such as $5,000 or $10,000 or to transfer most types of registered funds to invest in these tangible assets.


I am frustrated with my RRSP’s but you are telling me that you have RRSP’s as well I’m not sure what this means?

  • RRSP’s are likely not what you are frustrated with.  RRSP stands for Registered Retirement Savings Plan – this is a personal savings plan that the federal government has made available which allows you to save for the future on a tax-deferred basis.  An RRSP can be a part of an investment portfolio – It can contain a variety of investment products, therefore; it is probably the particular investment that you have invested in with your RRSP that could be leaving you feeling frustrated, not necessarily the RRSP itself.  To discuss your RRSP we invite you to schedule a meeting with us.


What is a fund review?

  • Many clients don’t understand or even look at the statements that they receive from their current financial institution.  At Dan Houcher Financial, we believe in utilizing facts to determine “next best steps”.  A fund review will show facts of what is taking place with an individual or corporations current mutual fund investments and allow for better decision making to move forward with.


What else does Dan Houcher Financial offer?

  • Although our focus is mostly on investments in the exempt market, we also benefit our clients with education on a variety of other aspects that affect our financial world as well as strategies that may help our clients pay down mortgages more quickly or pay fewer taxes.