Your Portfolio

  1. Savings accounts – Sometimes there is a need for short-term or available money.  Savings accounts can provide that.  This money does not normally provide a high return but is meeting different needs.  An example of where a savings account may be used is for an emergency fund or short-term savings. 
  2. GIC’s – Are a way to save money and earn some interest, similar to a savings account.  The main difference is that with a GIC, you have to choose a timeframe in which you agree to leave the money in the GIC for.  This often will provide a slightly higher interest rate when compared to a savings account but removes some of the availability of the funds.  Often you will choose a 1- 5 yr. GIC.  Interest rates for GIC’s fluctuate, but once you have deposited the money into the GIC, the interest rate is set for the duration of the term.
  3. Segregated Funds (Seg. Funds) – When you invest into a segregated fund, you are essentially purchasing a life insurance product which then invests in mutual funds.  The mutual funds are the mechanism that provides the returns.  This insurance product and the guarantees provided are one of the reasons Dan Houcher Financials’ office chooses to represent segregated funds and not mutual funds (no guarantees).  The guarantees vary from product provider, but all provide some form of death and maturity benefit guarantee.  For example, if you invested $100,000 with a 100% death benefit guarantee, and when you pass away, the market value is $75,000, your beneficiaries would get back the original $100,000.  As with all investments there are fees and normally segregated funds are slightly higher compared to mutual funds but again are providing additional benefits.  Seg. funds also make it so you can name a beneficiary on registered and non-registered accounts which assists with estate planning.  Through an asset allocation questionnaire completed with our office, we can determine which investments are most suited to our client’s situation and allocate funds to low, medium or higher volatility investments.bigstock-handshake-13868735
  4. Portfolio Managed – Dan Houcher Financial Ltd. is partnered with a portfolio manager who uses investment management as a key component of integrated wealth management; a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach based on a deep understanding of a client’s needs.
    • Portfolio management is usually designed for clients with $1 million in invest-able assets.  The company that our office uses also has options for clients with $200,000+ in household assets which provides great opportunity for many more of our clients.
  5. Exempt Market – Exempt Market is defined as a market where private companies sell their securities under various exemptions from the prospectus and registration requirements.  In Alberta an offering memorandum exemption is utilized.
    • Companies who are in the business of trading “prospectus-exempt” securities are called Exempt
      Market Dealers.  As of September 28, 2010 anyone in the business of trading securities in the exempt market must be registered with their local securities commission in order to sell investments; in Alberta this is the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC).  An Exempt Market Representative can only represent one dealer at a time.  The Exempt market dealer for Dan Houcher Financial Ltd. is WealthTerra Capital Management Inc.
    • Dealing Representatives are individuals that sell Exempt Market investments. They are required to be registered under the Provincial Securities Commission that their clients live in and to meet certain education requirements. They are also responsible for determining the suitability of a particular product for a client and for using Exempt Market products appropriately within a client’s portfolio.  Dan Houcher Financial Ltd. is registered as Daniel Houcher on the Securities Commission websites in Alberta and British Columbia.