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Dear Rare Investment Investors,

As I pen this quick note to our friends, clients, and investors this morning, we at Rare Investment are
quickly reminded of the deep changes that have taken place in the diamond industry over the past few short
years. We reflect on the impact the changes have had on transforming the once obscure Natural Fancy Colored
Diamond from a rare oddity into one of the fastest growing hard asset classes in the world and also into the
ultimate symbol of luxury and love for a whole new faction of jewellery and diamond consumers.

Upon the return of our Rare Investment Jewel Acquisition Team from Hong Kong, where they
attended one of the world’s biggest rare gem shows, Rare Investment now has the opportunity to again confirm
and update our clients and investors that our predictions have been correct – increased interest and demand for
Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds is growing, causing prices to steadily rise as supply from the mines continue
to dwindle and, in some cases, supply from the mines stopping altogether.  Champagne, cognac, and chocolate
diamonds (brown variations) and Silvermist diamonds (gray) certainly seem to be under the most pressure
according to our Acquisition Team, fuelled by the eminent closing of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in
2018 – only 7 short years away, and what the closure could come to mean is the basic elimination of supply for
these jewels in the diamond and jewellery marketplace.

At Rare Investment, we are also seeing pressure on other natural colors like natural ‘black diamonds’
and the ‘grayish green and greenish’ categories. These colors are starting to follow in the footsteps of the brown
and gray diamonds as worldwide demand for these truly rare items increases and the producing mines find it
more difficult to supply an apparently insatiable demand from the growing markets in India and Asia, which
are aggressively acquiring the majority of colored diamonds for both jewellery and as hard asset investments.

Without question, this class of hard assets in a world with political and economic uncertainty demands
and dictates that investors seek security, above all, for their wealth. Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds continue
to grow popular among the savvy and informed investor for their history of unparalleled appreciation and the
security that only the ‘Stealth Wealth’ attributes of these rare jewels seems to be able to provide investors.

Clearly, the time is now more than ever for prudent, and not so prudent, investors to consider the
apparent safe, secure, and potentially lucrative ownership of this ‘hardest of hard assets’ to diversify and to help
protect and secure portfolios in light of the uncertain political and economic futures that the international
community’s seem to be unable to rectify.

Just back from Hong Kong,

The Rare Investment Team

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